The Worst, Ugliest Icon Ever Designed: iOS 7 Voice Memos

iOS 7 Voice Memos Icon

iOS 7 Voice Memos Icon

Apple Used Microsoft Excel To Design iOS 7 Voice Memos Icon

Dozens of people breathed a collective sigh of relief when this week’s release of iOS 7 beta 2 reintroduced the Voice Memos app to the iPhone. It’s not like they actually used the app, because no one actually does, but the subdued elation of those who saw the app reappear on their iPhones home screen quickly turned into a frantic search for a little used folder in which they could banish the hideous app to exile.

What were Apple thinking with the iOS 7 redesign?

When I saw the redesigned Voice Memos icon, my guttural objections to iOS 7 suddenly made sense: The visual layout of iOS 7 was designed by an engineer. There isn’t anything revolutionary about the design. It’s less skuomorphic, but it feels like it got stuck somewhere on the road back to pure functionality. Everything is black and white. It’s difficult to look at. It’s not a whole new dimension at all – the rows of icons are exactly the same. Apple have started making use of the accelerometer more to create the illusion of a third dimension. I like that. Command Center was long overdue. SBSettings, anyone?

Is the iOS 7 Voice Memos icon really the ugliest icon ever designed in the history of computers? Let me know your thoughts. Maybe, just maybe, there is another icon out there designed even more poorly.

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